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 widgets, interactivity, style, or social media.  Even if software allows you to build close to what you want, a developer armed with code knowledge is not limited.  Many of our clients are ones that first tried to build their own site, then after months of frustration, cost, and restrictions came to us for the site they wanted.


Originality is Essential

When a company offers a free custom site, how “custom” is custom?  Without a truly original site you might as well send people to your competitor’s website.  When people visit your website it’s to learn about you and your business, and in some cases, to verify you are who you say you are.  If your site has the same stock photo’s, and the same clichés throughout the text, you may be doing more harm than good.  Hire a photographer, be honest about who you are, it’s probably the reason prospective clients were attracted to you.


If you believe “nothing in this world is free” then what is a fair price for a website that includes everything it

There are many options available today for creating your own website.  Software has made it possible to design a good-looking site without having any knowledge of computer code like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Another popular option that is a new trend is companies who offer to build you a website for “free” and then charge you monthly to host and to promote your site.  Do you really get anything for free?  If you’re asking yourself, can I build my own website?  A better question to ask yourself might be, Should I build my own website?


Why is it better to hire a Web Developer or professional designer to build your Website?


A knowledge of code is essential for a few good reasons: It must be findable.  Meta data in the head section of code (users don’t see) is essential.  If not done properly, search engine crawlers may find your site unreadable or incomplete.  Page titles, descriptions, key words, alternative text, image descriptions, analytics code, and geographical tags all have specifications and guidelines that need to be adhered to for your site to be ranked well and therefore search-able and available to prospective clients.  Even the best looking, most perfectly balanced site is useless if no one sees it!


There are limitations without code.  Many cookie cutter drag and drop websites don’t allow for embedding

Should You Build

Your Own Website?

 should?  A basic, but responsive site that looks great on all devices and platforms should take no less than 80 hours to develop.  It should include licensed images, video, text, social media links, researched meta data, access to analytics, and 3-5 hours of meetings to brainstorm and collaborate.  So, if you’re paying $500 for your site, what is missing?  Professional web designers and developers don’t often work for $6.25/hour.   When we say this it's not meant to be sarcastic, it's just not knowing what is involved that moves some to conclude that it shouldn't cost more.


Since websites can include almost anything, and since everyone is different, it is hard to say exactly what a basic one should cost.  As long as information for the site and the client supplying content is relatively organized, a basic site will usually be in the neighborhood of  $1800 - $3000.


I think it's important to know the cost of things upfront  and count the cost of any project before you jump in.  Since cost is usually one of the most frequent  questions asked (how much does it cost to build a reliable  website?) I thought it might be a good first blog.  So, if you have a project in mind and you know most of the basic requirements and how many add-ons you might want than don't hesitate in asking us for a free no obligation quote.   I'd be happy to speak with you directly.




Rosslyn Merswolke   - Owner of WWW

May 2 2017

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