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Short slide shows like the one on the home page of this site, are a good way to give a quick overview of what your site is about.


Website images, video, text, and music need to be either licensed for use (like images that can be purchased form iStock or Shutterstock) or need to be produced by the owned or developer of the site.


Text needs to be original.  Writing copy for your site can be the most challenging part of your sites development.  Most of the text needs to written by the website owner.  Waterloo Web Works can help with proof reading, editing, and in some cases writing.


We can help design company logo's that are clean, simple, and descriptive.


We can help convert documents into electronically editable pdf's that can be tracked, electronically signed, and linked for download(s).


forms have many uses.  Get information you need for quotes, estimates, appointments, and contacting clients or associates.  In addition contact forms provide email security and block spam

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