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Web / Graphic Design

We design responsive, practical, and compatible websites that allow users to easily find desired content through natural position navigation, and fitting images and copy.  We use proven design principals mixed together with latest techniques, and interactivity designed to entertain and intrigue.  HTML5, CSS3, Java, and JQuery are just a few of our special fields.  We keep our fingers on the pulse of exciting Internet developments and practices, passing the benefits on to all our clients, we never stop learning.


Our designs connect your site and services to your clients.  The best designs communicate your message accurately.  Website text plays a significant role, what you say can either win the heart or well up tears of boredom and frustration.  Say only what you need to, where and when it’s needed

All our designs are built Search Engine Optimized using web-master tools provided by Google, and Analytics that perpetually track your site, moving it up the SE ladder without missing opportunities.  Maintaining a site is imperative if you want to see return on your investment, or at the very least see where your money is going.


Technology in web design now allows us to respond to users and their specific devices by either building liquid (responding to screen sizes) or by use of device queries (responding to specific devices).  At WWW we build websites that work! – Translation, we make use of all devices and platform abilities to make your site User Friendly, Functional, and Beautiful no matter what is being used to display it.


Marketing is an exciting yet challenging part of what we do. How do you separate yourself from others who might do something very similar to you, while at the same time enticing a specific group of people (people who will benefit by your service) to do business with you instead of your competitors?  Today, websites play a role in simple business legitimacy.  Most people use the web as a tool, to research people and businesses they plan on interacting with.  This can be a positive situation, because they initiated contact, you simply provide the solution (your services), and get them interested in your business even before you shake their hand.  Building the perfect website happens when you attract the right audience, and provide an easy way to answer their questions and find what their looking for fast.

Marketing principals and solutions have been more than just a hobby, we have worked along with some of the best in the industry, ones who coined household phrases such as Campbell’s “m-m Good”, and Tony the tigers “They’re Grrrr-eat!” Yes we understand marketing.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a skill of drawing potential customers to products and services through relevant, insightful content marketing, related social media marketing and search engine optimization.


It's about educating people to come to your business as a leader in your field.  Answering questions, helping solve problems, and communicating with honesty and clarity.

Should You Build Your Own Website?

There are many options available today for creating your own website.  Software has made it possible to design a good-looking site without having any knowledge of computer code like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Another popular option that is a new trend is companies who offer to build you a website for “free” and then charge you monthly to host and to promote your site.  Do you really get anything for free?  If you’re asking yourself, can I build my own website?  A better question to ask yourself might be, Should I build my own website?


Why is it better to hire a Web Developer or professional designer to build your Website?


A knowledge of code is essential for a few good reasons:

It must be findable.  Meta data in the head section of code (users don’t see) is essential.  If not done properly, search engine crawlers may find your site unreadable or incomplete.   READ MORE

An Advancement in Software
Providing Client Editing Power

More Than Websites

One thing that almost every client asks is if they can make changes to their website themselves?  During the early sumer of 2014 Adobe Muse released an update that made it possible for clients to make changes to their site.  Using a simple login to a user friendly interface, we now can allow our clients access to editing text, images, even dynamic content in editable sections of their site.  This makes sense for featured sections, company news, restaurant menu's, calendars, and any content that needs to be changed on a regular basis.  We now build editable sections into every site we build.

Adobe Creative Cloud software icons, all the software used by Waterloo Web Works to design/develope

Waterloo Web Works can help you chose the right avenue to promote your site

and your business whether it’s Add-words, You-tube, or print.  We have designed and printed hundreds of thousands of high quality cards, flyer's, and mailers all at competitive prices and with excellent results!


We may have started with our focus on websites but that quickly expanded to add print design because of the need for related marketing and branding materials.  Then came some of the more unique requests like designs for t-shirts, animations, and video projects that included "blue screen editing" or roto-scoping.  Our use of  Adobe Creative Cloud software allows us access to  unlimited graphic design and editing tools.

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